Home Melbourne Comp Polo – Spring 2015

Melbourne Competition is back!

When does it happen: Every Tuesday and Wednesday throughout spring and autumn.

We are currently in hiatus as we transition into our outdoors summer season.

Click here for the current draws and live ladder. 

Where is it played

Richmond Swimming Pool, Gleadell Street, Richmond


Important notice – Performing Duty

  • Teams will now require a mobile phone or tablet with internet access to carry out duty with the new online platform. More direction will be provided at the pool in relation to how to operate the platform.
  • A and B grade teams are required to provide a player to assist on one Wednesday through out the season. They will be required to assist in refereeing for the night. However, teams are urged to have as many members come along and help as possible to share the load. For a long time now we have struggled to find sufficient support for those new to the game on Wednesday nights.

New online scoring and results system

Huge thanks to Rod Howard who has single handedly developed a brilliant new system that allows everyone to get real time access to ladder updates and better track the performance of individual players. It also allows you to sync your playing times with your online calendars.

You will need access to an internet enabled phone or tablet to undertake duty – No more sheets of paper floating around.

Any feed back would be more than welcome (rod.howard@gmail.com)

Instructions on how to use the site are below.

  1. connect to the site: http://thecompcreator.com/#tab=comps
  2. navigate and click the button “Start Game” by clicking on the links (Melb comp name) -> “Draw”.
  3. enter the password “duty1” into the pop up box.
  4. You are now in the duty screen half time is currently defaulting to 10seconds this is for testing it will be 10min once we go live.

Once you are on duty you:

  1. start the timer (simply click the big clock to start and stop it).
  2. as people score goals you would click the Team links to open the teams lists and allocate a goal to the correct player by clicking the “Goal” button.
  3. if people get a card you would also open the teams list and allocate a card to the correct person by clicking the “Card” button.
  4. if you want to undo the last goal you can simply by clicking the undo last buttons.

Once the timer runs down it will automatically reset for the following half (it also plays a sound at that point).

All teams have been entered onto the system. Please Check your Team, Players and player numbers are correct Team Lists Click Here

Look forward to seeing you on the water.