Flatwater Sprint Racing is one of the best-known competitive canoeing disciplines in Australia. This is probably due to its inclusion in the Olympic Games since 1936 and Australia’s involvement in All Olympics from the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games. Flatwater Racing is all about speed on flat water over distances of 200 metres, 500 metres and 1000 metres. The craft that have developed are sleek and fast but unstable.

2015 Regatta Dates
Victorian Events

Jan 24 Sprint Head-to-Head Regatta

Feb 7-8 Sprint Victorian Championships

National Events

20-22 Sprint Grand Prix 2 SIRC, NSW


For more dates and further information, check out the Canoeing Victoria Calendar

Victorian clubs that do sprint paddling

Canoeing Victoria has many affiliated clubs who specialise in sprint paddling and have club coaches and boats available for their members to use when building their skills. For more information, contact the clubs directly. A list of clubs who support sprint paddling can be found here.

Victorian Sprint Team Nomination Form 2015 PDF

Victorian Sprint Team Selection Criteria 2015


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